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This Ain't Saturn Ceramic Coaster (2-Pack)

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Introducing our 3" round ceramic coaster, a delightful addition to your snacking setup that not only adds a touch of planetary charm but also ensures your table stays ring-free. Crafted with care, this coaster brings both function and style to your moments of indulgence.

Coaster Highlights:

  • Table Protection: Say goodbye to the annoyance of water rings or sticky residue from drinks and snacks. Our coaster creates a protective barrier, allowing you to enjoy your treats without worry.

  • Perfect Snacking Pair: Treat yourself to a sumptuous chocolate delight, your favorite beverage at hand. This coaster is made perfect to protect your table when things get hot 'n heavy with the munchies.

  • Heat-Resistant Marvel: With the ability to withstand temperatures ranging from a chilly -5°C (23°F) to a sizzling 120°C (248°F), our coaster is more than just a protector. It's a dependable companion that can handle both a piping hot chocolate or an ice-cold seltzer.

  • Waterproof Wonder: Coated to perfection, our coaster boasts a waterproof surface that repels moisture, ensuring lasting quality and easy maintenance. No more worrying about accidental spills dampening your snacking spirit.

  • Skid-Proof Assurance: Featuring a cork underlay, our coaster sits securely on any surface, making it skid-proof and adding an extra layer of stability. Enjoy your treats without the coaster shifting or sliding around.

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