Late Night Chocolate!

A Zero Sugar Treat That Won't Ruin Your Sleep!

Try Now!

How do we stack up to other "Candy Bars"”?

Did you know American adults on average consume 77g of sugar daily?

We're on a mission to prove how you snacks can taste out of this world delicious without added sugars or using artificial ingredients!

Good for Humans & Good for the Earth!

Today 23% of U.S landfills are comprised of food container and packaging waste.

It's time for big business to be responsible for our planet!

Nebula is committed to using eco-conscious materials from bar to box to better protect our planet from single-use plastic!

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    "By me having type 2 diabetes I'm always looking for snacks that won't raise my blood suger that taste good, nebula is that product for me."

    - Darnell T.

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    "This chocolate passed the queen of chocolate test (aka my wife) and even my grandparents loved it as well."

    - Hunter D.

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    "Vegan, sugar free, simple ingredients…what’s not to love?! I also appreciate the eco friendly packaging!!!"

    - Heather J.