4 Healthy Halloween Treats for Trick-Or-Treating That Are Outta-this-World Delicious!

4 Healthy Halloween Treats for Trick-Or-Treating That Are Outta-this-World Delicious!


Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes the irresistible allure of the classic fun-size sugary chocolates like Snickers, Reese’s peanut butter cups and M&M’s as well as the nearly pure sugar halloween candies; including candy corns, lollipops and starburst. The sugar content in the trick-or-treat variety packs and kids scores these years have hit all time highs. We all know we’re not going to eat just one when they are sitting in the bucket on the counter. But the added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and sweeteners are a dangerous combo riddled across the streets every year.

However, the excessive consumption of added sugars, especially among kids, can get our youth hooked on sweets too early, which lead to various health issues over time. As parents and individuals, it's crucial to prioritize our health during the holidays, but we can’t just avoid the call and craving of our sweet tooth and need healthier halloween candy and chocolates. That's where Nebula Snacks steps in with our zero sugar added chocolate bites – a delicious and naturally sweet alternative for Halloween and beyond.

Halloween and sugar have had a long and sweet history filled with endless grams of sugar. Traditionally, the candies, chocolate bars, and sugary snacks have been the cornerstone of this spooky holiday. But times are changing, and the trend is shifting towards healthier options, and it's time to embrace this shift.

Now we’re not nutritionists or dietitians , but if you’re looking for the healthiest goodies to hand out this year that aren’t fruit and veggies ? Ahead of Halloween 2023, we’re sharing our top 4 healthy Halloween candy and chocolates for you all to check out so you can still enjoy the sweet treats with less sugar.

Many of these options contain antioxidants, real fruit ingredients, and are gluten-free, They provide essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, and are free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

4 Healthy Halloween Candy & Chocolates

1. Nebula Snacks: Zero Sugar Chocolate Bites

Nebula Snacks is leading the way in offering a healthier alternative to the typical candy bars handed out for Halloween. Offering bite sized individually wrapped, zero-sugar chocolates that are perfect for handing out to trick-or-treaters or enjoying yourself while waiting for the knocks at the door. Featuring an irresistible 73% organic dark chocolate shell that is rich in flavor, and filled with outta-this-world delicious cores that deliver a supernova of flavor, without the gravity of added sugars.

Our Buttery Pecan is perfect for the nut butter fan that is tired of everything being stuffed with peanut or almond butter. Even the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from brands like, UNREAL, Justins and Trader Joe’s are often misleading and still filled with sugar.

Grab Yours Here!

P.S: We also make zero sugar chocolate chips for those who want to bake while the kids are out! ;)

The Importance of Healthy Halloween Alternatives: It's not just about Nebula Snacks; there are numerous other brands and options that can make this Halloween a healthier and tastier experience. Here are seven brands we’re a fan of and would recommend considering for a variety this Halloween:

2. Smart Sweets: Gummy Bears

SmartSweets says YES to candy, but the smarter way. While SurfSweets, another popular healthy snack brand known for their peach rings, fruity bears and candy fish calls out their plant based ingredients and organic dyes, but 50% of their recipe is added sugars.

SmartSweets however, is true to their word and we’d recommend checking out their Fruity Gummy Bears, which are some of their OG lineup! Fruity, juicy, chewy and everything you want a gummy bear to be! Bursting with 4 delicious flavors: raspberry, apple, lemon and peach!Keywords: gummy, smart sweets, gummy bears.

Smart Sweets Gummy Bears

Grab Yours Here!

3. SUCKERZ: Tropical Ball Lollipops

Want a taste of paradise? Suckerz offers tropical ball lollipops, made with organic ingredients, contain no sugar alcohols and provide you with your daily dose of Vitamin C. Don’t settle for the fruit juice filled with added sugars that gets molded onto the old paper sticks, and upgrade your lollipop game.

Each bag comes with three mouth-watering flavors including pina colada, passion fruit and mango. Let your taste buds go wild without the added sugars.

Suckers Tropical LollipopsGrab Yours Here!

P.S: They also make low sugar hard candies!

4. That’s It! Mini Fruit Bars Variety Pack

Too many run for the candy brand YumEarth this time of year as they list allergy friendly and organic ingredients, yet their gummies and candies are loaded with added sugars. A better alternative is That’s It!, which packs one full fruit serving into each delicious 20g fruit bar. Ingredients have never been this simple and clean. That's it. Mini Fruit Bars are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and allergen-free, with no added sugars. Perfect for a healthy snack around the office, in the kid’s lunches, while working out, or anywhere on-the-go!

That's It!Grab Yours Here!


This Halloween, you have the power to make a difference by choosing healthier alternatives to traditional sugary candies. Nebula Snacks and other brands listed here offer an array of delicious and guilt-free options for you and your little trick-or-treaters. Let's reverse the trends of sugar-laden Halloween treats and embrace a new era of wellness, one dark chocolate bite at a time. Your sweet tooth doesn't have to suffer, and neither does your health.

Embrace a healthier Halloween with these outta-this-world delicious sweet treats. Say goodbye to excessive sugar and artificial additives, and say hello to a Halloween that's better for your health and your taste buds. Don't let the spookiest season derail your wellness goals – treat yourself to these healthier candy and chocolate alternatives.

Happy Halloween!

P.S: All links in this article will be DIRECT to the brands website, because as a small brand, we don’t like supporting Amazon.


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