9 Zero Sugar Added Late Night Snacks That Won’t Ruin Your Sleep

9 Zero Sugar Added Late Night Snacks That Won’t Ruin Your Sleep

Finding the perfect late-night snack that won't disrupt your sleep can be quite a challenge; the last thing you want is to toss and turn all night due to an ill-advised indulgence. Still, trying to nod off with the munchies nagging at you is no fun, so what late night snacks can be safely indulged without making a sublime slumber ever more elusive?

Before we dive in, it’s important to consider your unique dietary needs and sensitivities when choosing bedtime snacks.

As Jess Grelle, SVP of Innovation at clean-food company Safe + Fair says, ‘It's essential to prioritize the well-being of your body, including before bedtime. Consuming foods that your body is intolerant or reactive to can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the night. Opting for snacks that are gentle on your system and align with your body's preferences can promote a restful night's sleep and overall wellness.’

1. Indulge in Chocolate - But Not Just Any Kind

Yes, you read that right - chocolate can be enjoyed before bed without ruining your sleep, but you have to know what you’re doing! Dark chocolate is typically a no-no as it contains higher amounts of caffeine in the cocoa concentrations used, but as it's just used minimally for the chocolate shell these chocolate bites features very little caffeine; for most people, the psychological benefits of unwinding with some choccy far outweighs the likelihood of it negatively affecting sleep. Remember to take into account other factors that may impact you though, such as sugar, and stick to a yummy option free from it with Nebula Snack’s Zero Sugar Added Chocolate Bites!

2. Enjoy the Nutritional Benefits of Almonds and Walnuts

Almonds and walnuts make for a wholesome late-night snack. These nuts are rich in protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients, with a satisfying crunch that provides a satiating experience without the guilt. By incorporating almonds or walnuts into your evening routine, you can keep hunger at bay and ensure a restful sleep.

3. Embrace Simplicity with a Light Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become a popular choice for any time of day, and it can certainly make for a safe late-night snack. Spread mashed avocado on a slice of whole-grain bread, and you have a simple yet satisfying combination; the creamy avocado texture combined with the nuttiness of the bread creates a wholesome, calming flavor profile.

4. Unwind with a Soothing Cup of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has long been used for its calming properties, so unless you’re ravenous, it might just hit the spot. Sipping on a warm cup of chamomile tea before bed can help you unwind and prepare your mind and body for a peaceful slumber. The gentle floral aroma and mild flavor create a serene and soothing experience, promoting relaxation and restfulness.

5. Find Comfort in a Glass of Warm Milk with Honey

The age-old remedy of warm milk with honey has been cherished for its ability to induce a sense of tranquility and aid in falling asleep. The warmth of the milk coupled with the natural sweetness of honey creates a comforting elixir. This timeless combination can help relax your senses and provide a cozy sensation, allowing you to drift off into a deep and rejuvenating sleep. If you stick to dairy-free milk alternatives, they can often work just as well.

6. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Frozen Grapes

For those seeking a refreshing and guilt-free late-night snack, frozen grapes are an excellent choice, and don’t take long to freeze. Frozen grapes offer a cool and satisfying crunch, while their natural sweetness provides a burst of flavor. Enjoying frozen grapes can be a refreshing and sleep-friendly option to curb those nighttime cravings, especially in hot weather

7. Embrace the Comfort of a Warm Bowl of Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a comforting and nutritious choice for a late-night snack. Opt for a warm bowl of oatmeal made with milk or water and add a sprinkle of cinnamon for added warmth and flavor - if you want it a bit sweeter but don’t want to load up on sugar, add a dash of monk fruit extract. The complex carbohydrates in oats promote a steady release of energy, helping you feel satisfied throughout the night. Indulge in the coziness of a warm oatmeal bowl and experience a sense of nourishment and tranquility.

8. Delight in the Creaminess of a Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

For a more substantial late-night snack, consider a peanut butter banana smoothie. Blending ripe bananas with a dollop of creamy peanut butter creates a luscious and satisfying drink. This combination offers a balance of natural sweetness and protein, making it a filling option.

Photo by Bruna Branco on Unsplash

9. Enjoy the Savory Delights of Hummus and Whole-Grain Crackers

If you prefer savory snacks, hummus and whole-grain crackers make a delightful combination. Hummus, made from chickpeas, offers a creamy and flavorful dip packed with protein and fiber. Pair it with whole-grain crackers for a satisfying crunch. The combination of the smooth hummus and the hearty crunch of the crackers creates a pleasurable snacking experience that won't disturb your sleep.

Sweet Dreams

By opting for sensible, sleep-friendly late-night snacks, you can satisfy your hunger without sacrificing your sleep quality. Incorporate these delicious options into your evening routine, and you'll find yourself enjoying a restful slumber and waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

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