Hi, we’re David and Matt, Founders of Nebula Snacks!

We love snacking so much that we often struggle with controlling how much we snack.

It makes us feel as if we're floating in space with the delight of food.

BUT most snacks today are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients that weigh us down!

Rewind back to April 2020

While everyone across the globe was stuck indoors, we were passing the time playing video games from across the country munching away on some chocolate. 

Checking the nutrition facts as the nights went on, we were startled at how quickly these small snacks added up.

And that's when it hit us.

Let's make delicious, healthier snacks for the moments we wanted to munch without the poor quality ingredients.

Into the kitchen!

We're not professional chefs but jumped into home kitchens, started researching ingredients and tested round after round of recipes.

After tasting some bad batches, some great batches, and some terrible batches we finally identified the ingredients we wanted.

We then hired a chocolatier to finalize the recipe and ensure it was ready for a production facility.

Fast forward a year and a half!

At first the chocolate was too sweet and had a noticeable aftertaste.

Then the chocolate wasn't sweet enough!

But eventually we pulled off a Goldilocks and got it just right; with the perfect balance of sweetness to chocolately flavor.

Why Nebula Snacks?

That euphoric feeling of when we started snacking on our chocolate took us beyond cloud nine!

Out of this world delicious chocolate, without the gravity of added sugars.

A Nebula is a colorful cloud of dust containing the building blocks of life; often acting as the nursery for new stars. A fitting representation of filling space with quality ingredients while also being weightless. 

Anti-Gravity Chocolate!

Help us change the future of snacking and join our voyage beyond the Milky Way Galaxy and into Nebula's Snacking Universe.

What's our Mission?

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