Hi, we’re David and Matt, Founders of Nebula Snacks.

Simply put, we love snacking. In fact, we love it so much that we often struggle with how much we snack. 

Rewind back to April of 2020, while everyone across the globe was stuck indoors, we were passing the time logged into video games from across the country indulging in a Costco sized Hershey’s miniature assortment bag and chocolate covered pretzels, respectively. 

Checking the nutrition facts as the nights went on, we were startled at how quickly these small snacks added up.

We asked ourselves a few questions....

Why fuel ourselves with all this sugar? 

...it was cheap, tasty and readily available.

What “healthy snacks” are available today? 

...Veggie chips, protein bars, fruits and veggies? 

Why weren’t we eating them?

...they didn’t taste good or had a lingering aftertaste. And when they did taste good, they were packed with artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols… still unhealthy. 

What could we do about it?

We needed to find a way to make snacks without sugar or the common aftertaste we noticed in many options currently on the market. After nearly two years of ideating snacks, researching the best ingredients and testing round after round of recipes in our home kitchens, we landed on our first snack -- Chocolate Bars! 

But, what should we call it? 

We knew we wanted to create something unlike any other. Something truly out of this world. 

With our products containing zero sugar and our brand’s commitment to remaining plant-based with natural ingredients, we were called to look at something that is also limitless and inspiring -- outer space.  

After searching high and low, we stumbled upon the image of a Nebula; colorful clouds of dust containing the building blocks of life; often acting as the nursery for new stars. We knew we found exactly what we were looking for -- a representation of filling space while also being weightless. 

Much like a Nebula, we’ve got a galactic amount of snack ideas to eventually bring into existence. Help us change the future of snacking and join our voyage beyond our Galaxy and into Nebula's Snacking Universe. future.

What is Nebula all about?

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