8 Healthy Snack Brands We Love!

8 Healthy Snack Brands We Love!

We love our chocolate bars and have at least a piece a day, but as certified Super Snackers, who eat 4-5x snacks per day - we need variety!

On our mission to the Snacking Galaxy, we aim to identify all different types of snacks to bring aboard our cruiser in the future, but for now we'd love to highlight some of the other brands we're a fan of that make out of this world delicious snacks without the added sugars that you can enjoy in your snacking rotation. 

1. Salivation Snackfoods

Salivation Snackfoods makes absolutely delicious keto, gluten-free brownies and blondies. They use real ingredients like cocoa powder, almond flour, and avocado oil and are able to make them delicious without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Salivation Snackfoods - Keto Dark Chocolate Brownies
Our Favorite: Keto Dark Chocolate Brownies!

2. Outstanding Foods

Snack recipes created by Executive Chef, Dave Anderson - Outstanding Foods makes gluten free, plant-based puffs, cheese balls and ‘Pig Out Crunchies’. Great savory flavors like Texas BBQ, Hella Hot and White Chedda with no added sugars and a good serving size of plant-based protein make these a great healthy snack option.

Our Favorite: Texas BBQ Pig Out Crunchies!

3. Effin’ Good Snacks

A brand new TikTok sensation, Damien Law of Effin’ Good Snacks has created low-sugar chewy chocolate chip cookies with magnesium for late night snacking that won’t keep you awake and can help you fall asleep.

Effin' Good Snacks - Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Our Favorite: The Chocolate Chunk Mini Cookies!

4. Smart Sweets

Known for their slogan - “Kick Sugar, Keep Candy” - Smart Sweets offers low-sugar candy of all kinds that take you right back to your childhood candy store. Rich in fiber, sweetened with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Smart Sweets - Sour Watermelon Bites
Our Favorite: Sour Watermelon Bites!

5. Snacklins

A Shark Tank Alum, SNACKLINS makes Yuca root, mushrooms and onion crisps that are 100% vegan, yet resemble the crunch you’d desire from a potato chip or pork rind. They are grain-free, use simple-ingredients, formed into scoop-able crisps with fewer calories than traditional salty snacks, and seasoned with the flavors you’re looking for!

SNACKLINS - Sea Salt & Vinegar

Our Favorite: Sea Salt & Vinegar

6. The Only Bean

Making crunchy roasted, edamame beans, The Only Bean makes high protein super snacks that are keto friendly, gluten free and vegan! The beans are never fried and seasoned to perfection packing a powerful punch of plant-based protein, high in fiber, with less than 3g net carbs per serving.

The Only Bean - Sriracha Crunch Roasted Edamame Beans
Our Favorite: Sriracha Edamame Beans

7. Magic Spoon Cereal

Healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true. Magic Spoon is the adult version of the cereal we grew up with, but made without the sugar, carbs and is a great source of protein with 13-14g in every bowl. The Magic Spoon mission is to solve the riddle as to why the cereal we grew up with never grew up itself. They have successfully brought cereal to the 21st century with their delicious cereal that boasts nutritional value as well.

Magic Spoon - Cinnamon Roll - High Protein, Low Sugar Cereal
Our Favorite: Cinnamon Roll

8. RIND Snacks

Rind keeps it real with the peel with their delicious skin-on dried fruit snacks that naturally contain healthy fibers, vitamins and antioxidants. Wholesome snacks letting nothing going to waste, adding no additional ingredients like processed sugars or preservatives. They also use more exotic fruits beyond the typical apples and pears, but feature persimmons, kiwis, pineapple and coconuts.

RIND Snacks - Straw-Perry
Our Favorite: Straw-Peary

Let me know if you try any of the above snacks in your rotation!!

And of course, if you're running low on your Nebula chocolate supply - be sure stock up on some Nebula Oat Milk or Nebula Dark Chocolate Bars!

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